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Label:Rune Grammofon

Rune Grammofon

Heterogeneous Substances Heterogeneous Substances 4:16    
Album only
Track length:4:16
Artist: Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651010
Ingenious Pursuits Ingenious Pursuits 5:20    
Album only
Track length:5:20
Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651020
Lavoisier Lavoisier 3:05    
Album only
Track length:3:05
Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651030
Dispatches Dispatches 6:01    
Album only
Track length:6:01
Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651040
E... Quilibrium E... Quilibrium 3:38    
Album only
Track length:3:38
Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651050
Mutti Mutti 3:44    
Album only
Track length:3:44
Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651060
Interacting Massive Particles Interacting Massive Particles 4:24    
Album only
Track length:4:24
Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651070
Natural History Of Creation Natural History Of Creation 8:44    
Album only
Track length:8:44
Thomas Strønen
ISRC: NOFGR0651080

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You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago