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For Flowers, Cars and Merry Wars (24Bit)


great reviews for Erlnald Dahlens Debut album for Hubro


Slowly I am getting more and more enthusiastic about the releases on Norway's Hubro. Always from the world of improvised music, but then always with a nice angle. (...)One has the impression of listening to a record of percussion sounds plus a lot of other things and not just a percussion record. The bows and electronics add nice small melodic interjections to the music. These seven pieces show an interesting variety in approaches. 'Funeral' is like an ambient piece, 'Piratmen' starts out ethnic but becomes ambient also, while the closing 'Germany' is an excellent Krautrock stampede (hence the title I'd say), including what seems a theremin, although none is listed. In other pieces he is more traditionally improvised or leans towards modern composition. A great CD, not too long, not too short. Spot on.
Frans deWard, Vital Weekly (NL)

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Splashgirl - Pressure. Album out now!


We regard Splashgirl as one of the most exciting young instrumental bands to come out of Norway in the past few years. With Pressure, its third album and certainly their strongest to date, the band is taking yet another giant step forward. Here the musicians are opening the doors to several new musical rooms – to the dark, dank cellar as well as to the attic – where all their forgotten memories are stored away.

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New Album from Splasgirl COMING SOON!


March 23rd 2011: Pressure to be released shortly, concerts coming up:
28th April: Fasching, Stockholm (w/ Klabbes Bank)
29th April: Union Scene, Drammen
20th May: Sagene Festivitetshus, Oslo

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JÆ highlighted by French Radio FIPJÆ highlighted by French Radio FIP


JÆs critically acclaimed debut album "Balls and Kittens, draught and strangling rain" has been chosen by the Radio France channel FIP as "Selection FIP" in April together with nine other albums and will get heavy air play. JÆ will play several gigs in France in May.

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New Album from Huntsville!

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HUBRO is a new record label dedicated to releasing music from the vital Norwegian jazz and improvised music scene. We cherish the album as a physical object.

Hubro is a sublabel to Grappa Musikkforlag - the no. 1 leading independent record company in Norway.

All releases comes with exclusive design by the very talented design group Yokoland

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