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Spor 01 Spor 01 8:48    
Album only
Track length:8:48
Artist: Grydeland/ Kluften/ Lovens
Performer: Paul Lovens
Tonny Kluften
Ivar Grydeland
ISRC: NOSFA0312010
Spor 02 Spor 02 10:54    
Album only
Track length:10:54
Artist: Grydeland/ Kluften/ Lovens
ISRC: NOSFA0312020
Spor 03 Spor 03 14:31    
Album only
Track length:14:31
Grydeland/ Kluften/ Lovens
ISRC: NOSFA0312030
Spor 04 Spor 04 4:10    
Album only
Track length:4:10
Grydeland/ Kluften/ Lovens
ISRC: NOSFA0312040
Spor 05 Spor 05 8:29    
Album only
Track length:8:29
Grydeland/ Kluften/ Lovens
ISRC: NOSFA0312050
Spor 06 Spor 06 3:17    
Album only
Track length:3:17
Grydeland/ Kluften/ Lovens
ISRC: NOSFA0312060

Sofa Releases

A Summer's Night At The Crooked Forest
The Sea Looks Green When The Sky Is Grey
Yesterday Night You Were Sleeping At My Place
Nectars Of Emergence

About Grydeland/ Kluften/ Lovens:

Ivar Grydeland

Updated info here:

Ivar Grydeland, born in Trondheim 1976. Studied at the Norwegian Academy of music from 1996-2000, and from 2001–2003.

Ivar Grydeland plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar and banjo.

Grydeland runs the Norwegian label for improvised music SOFA with fellow musician Ingar Zach.

Some current projects

  • Huntsville
  • Dans les arbres
  • duo with Japanese shamisen player Yumiko Tanaka. The duo also plays in trio with Xavier Charles
  • North of the north - a project with phonographist Marc Pichelin and Xavier Charles exploring the sound in certain areas of the northern territory

Ivar has also been working with Christian Wallumrød, Phil Minton, Axel Dörner, Derek Bailey, Susie Ibarra, Xavier Charles, Michel Doneda, Raymond Strid, Martin Klapper, Ste...