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Track length:2:47
Artist: Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701010
Track length:3:58
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701020
Track length:3:33
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701030
COMMUNIO - Visionem quam vidistis COMMUNIO - Visionem quam vidistis 1:24     Add € 3.00
Track length:1:24
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701040
Track length:3:36
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701050
Track length:5:53
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701060
INTROITUS - Laetare Ierusalem INTROITUS - Laetare Ierusalem 3:52     Add € 3.00
Track length:3:52
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701070
Track length:1:33
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701080
Track length:2:55
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP0701090
Track length:3:21
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010100
EVANGELIUM - De caeco nato EVANGELIUM - De caeco nato 5:02     Add € 3.00
Track length:5:02
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010110
OFFERTORIUM - Laudate Dominum OFFERTORIUM - Laudate Dominum 3:47     Add € 3.00
Track length:3:47
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010120
Oratio super oblata – Praefatio – SANCT… Oratio super oblata – Praefatio – SANCTUS XII 4:21     Add € 3.00
Track length:4:21
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010130
Track length:1:10
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010140
Track length:1:33
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010150
Track length:3:12
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010160
COMMUNIO - Videns Dominus COMMUNIO - Videns Dominus 2:19     Add € 3.00
Track length:2:19
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010170
OFFERTORIUM - Improperium OFFERTORIUM - Improperium 5:05     Add € 3.00
Track length:5:05
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010180
IMPROPERIA - Popule meus - Trishagion IMPROPERIA - Popule meus - Trishagion 4:56     Add € 3.00
Track length:4:56
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010190
Track length:5:06
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010200
GRADUALE - Christus factus est GRADUALE - Christus factus est 3:23     Add € 3.00
Track length:3:23
Consortium Vocale
ISRC: NOMPP07010210

2L Releases

The Lyrical Bassoon (24Bit Surround)
Hymn To The Virgin (24bit/96kHz mch)
The Schubert Connection(24Bit96 mch)
Fartein Valen string quartets (24bit96 mch)
Quiet Winter Night (24Bit96Khz)
The View Was All In Lines (24Bit96Khz)
David and Bathsheba by Ståle Kleiberg (24Bit/96kHz)
Eivind Buene: Possible Cities / Essential Landscapes
HIMMELKVAD - Lasse Thoresen
SOUVENIR Part II (24Bit96Khz - Surround Sound)
SOUVENIR Part II (24Bit96Khz)
SOUVENIR Part I (24Bit96Khz)
2011 - Sessions (24Bit192Khz)
Veslemøy synsk (Garborg/Thommessen/Grieg) (24Bit192Khz)
String Quartets Haydn - Solberg - Grieg (96kHz)
String Quartets Beethoven - Nordheim - Bartók (96khz)
SONaR - music by Magnar Åm (96khz)
Mozart/Grieg Vol.2 (96Khz)
Mozart/Grieg Vol.2 (96Khz)
Julemesse - Missa in nativitate Domini (96Khz)
Johannes Haarklou - Sommernatt(24BIT96KHZ)
In Nativitate Beata Mariae Virginis (96kHz)
Immortal NYSTEDT (96kHz)
GRIEG Choral Music (96khz)
Exaudiam Eum - gregorian chant for Lent and Holy Week (96kHz)
De Usynlige(24Bit96Khz)
Crystalline - Music by Karen Tanaka (24Bit96khz)
Chamber Music by Elliott Carter - Figments and Fragments (96khz)

About Consortium Vocale:

Gregorian chant, in its all-embracing spirituality and poetry, appeals to the deeper levels of the human heart. Monks in the Middle Ages composed and performed this music as an integrated part of their daily occupation with Sacred Scripture. Throughout the centuries Gregorian chant has enriched and deepened the liturgy of the church, and has been a source of inspiration in every period of European music history. Under the leadership of Alexander M. Schweitzer Consortium Vocale presents chants from the five Sundays of Lent, Palm Sunday and Good Friday, recorded in the medieval church at Ringsaker in Norway.