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Brand new album and Label on Gubemusic

Terje Evensen solo drum and soundscape album. Brand NEW and exclusively out in digital format. Music for Listening! Out on German Fonorum Label. Also represented by pd conceptions "Mishka" album from 2006. More to come Read more

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2010-06-13 pd conception
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2010-06-13 pd conception
Pensive mood music extended across nine tracks with the programmatic coherence and pacing of the quality soundtrack. It is entirely improvised yet there is a sense of clear prior intent steering the dynamics of the music." "Pianist Ingvo Clauder keeps the sustain pedal firmly depressed, floating chords that brood and dissolve to leave an air of unease." "Percussionist Terje Evensen adds decorative colour and texture; scraped and bowed cymbales, nuanced and fragmented rhythms." "Fellow Norwegian Anders Tveit heightens the atmosphere with muted chimes, trickling and pulses of austere live electronics. Mishka is restrained and selfconsciously enigmatic but it has the narrative lure of music to accompany an imaginary film." -The wire Read more