Gubemusic albums Gubemusic online store. en-us 2010 Gubemusic Fast Forward Eats The Tape - Victor HR-3300 AndrásSchiff - Franz Schubert AndrásSchiff - Franz Schubert (96kHz/24bit) BUGGE &FRIENDS - Play It <p>Finally. My new project beeing released. 4 years ago we debuted at Oslo Jazzfestival with this band of great friends and people i admire. We all have in common trying to fuse jazz and organic music with electronic sounds and ideas. All produced by legend Joe Claussell, New York Body and Soul. The man. So proud!</p> <p> </p> <p>Bugge</p> Farvel - Rök <p>Farvels debut album on Jazzland. Im so happy about this, been following them for a long time and see Farvel as one of the major talents of the nordic jazz scene(Bugge Wesseltoft).</p> <p>Isabels remarkable voice, melodic lines melted with sounds and strong lyrics really makes this group special.</p> <p>Awards:</p> <p> </p> <p>"Jazzkatten" Up&amp;Coming Group 2012</p> <p>Award from the Swedish National Radio</p> <p> </p> <p>"Young Nordic Jazz Comets" 2010</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Reviews of "Isabel Sörling Farvel" debut album 2012:</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>”Winner of the 2010 Young Nordic Jazz Comets, singer Isabel Sörling and her group</p> <p>(…) delivered an early evening set that will surely go down as one of Umeå 2012's best shows.”</p> <p>– John Kelman, All about jazz</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>”Isabel Sörling Farvel debuts with what may be</p> <p>this year’s Swedish jazz record.”</p> <p>– Ystad Allehanda</p> <p> </p> <p>➍</p> <p>"...A farewell to the safe and predictable, (...), that is how the music on this fine album is.</p> <p>Delicate and fragile so you have to listen carefully, with the start of something heavier</p> <p>and more solid, just to slowly dissolve."</p> <p>- Jan Strand, Orkesterjournalen</p> <p> </p> <p>”Farvel is an ear-opening, very fascinating and</p> <p>almost unbelievable promise ..."</p> <p>- Bengt Eriksson, LIRA</p> <p> </p> <p>★★★★</p> <p>“This is a record to LISTEN to.”</p> <p>– Anna Wallentin, Västerbottens folkblad</p> <p> </p> <p>"...with nerve and dramaturgy in small spaces…”</p> <p>- Johannes Cornell, DN</p> Keith Jarrett, Charlie Haden & PaulMotian - Hamburg '72 <p>The legendary Keith Jarrett Trio, playing live at NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg. The trio with Haden and Motian – formed in 1966 – was Jarrett’s first great band, his choice of players a masterstroke. With the bassist who had learned his craft in Ornette Coleman’s band, and the drummer from Bill Evans’s ground-breaking trio, Jarrett was able to explore the full scope of modern jazz, from poetic balladry to hard-swinging time-playing to ferocious and fiery free music, the improvisation including episodes with Keith on soprano sax. The interaction between the three musicians is uncanny throughout, reaching a peak in an emotion-drenched performance of Charlie Haden’s “Song for Che”. ECM set up the 1972 tour of the Jarrett Trio, including the German radio concert from which this album is drawn. Manfred Eicher returned to the original tapes, remixing the music for this edition in Oslo in July 2014, together with Jan Erik Kongshaug.</p> VijayIyer - Music for the Film Radhe Radhe - Rites of Holi By Prashant Bhargava <p><i>Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holi </i>is a vivid multimedia collaboration by composer-pianist Vijay Iyer and filmmaker Prashant Bhargava, who were inspired by the centennial of the Stravinsky-Nijinsky <i>Le Sacre du Printemps </i>to explore another of rite of spring: the Hindu festival of Holi, famous for its revelry of color in celebration of the love between the divine Krishna and Radha. In northern India, Bhargava filmed the ravishing images of an eight-day Holi festival held in the city of Mathura, mythic birthplace of Krishna. Iyer – who released his ECM debut, <a href="" target="new"><b><i>Mutations</i></b></a>, earlier this year – then composed his score as the musical complement to Bhargava’s beautiful visual ballet, drawing at times on the rhythms and chants of the Holi festival; the result is one of Iyer’s warmest, most colorful creations to date, as rich melodically as it is texturally. Released by ECM on Blu-ray and DVD, <i>Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holi </i>is a kaleidoscopic experience. Bonus material includes making-of documentary.</p> AnnaGourari - Prokofiev, Medtner & Chopin: Visions fugitives TrioMediaeval - Aquilonis (Release date: 2014-11-21) Tord GustavsenQuartet - Extended Circle <p>The sixth ECM album from Tord Gustavsen, recorded in Oslo in June 2013, quietly but most assuredly takes the Norwegian pianist’s music to the next stage of its development. <br />Gustavsen’s quartet with Tore Brunborg, Mats Eilertsen and long-term associate Jarle Vespestad has matured into a group whose interactions draw strength from restraint, patiently building the music toward its climaxes. Here are new gospel-tinged pieces and ballads from Tord’s pen, gentle and luminescent group improvisations, and an ecstatic interpretation of the Norwegian traditional “Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg” (“I Know A Castle In Heaven”).</p> KetilBjørnstad - A Passion for John Donne <p>Ketil Bjørnstad’s passion for the English metaphysical poet John Donne (1572-1631) is a lifelong affair. His settings of Donne’s verse have led to recordings including <i>The Shadow</i>, <i>Grace</i> and the ECM album <i>The Light</i>. “After working with the texts of John Donne for more than twenty years, I still find new approaches to understanding what he wrote and I find music throughout. It is in the language, in the rhythm, in the silence between the sentences - a passionate quest for meaning and reconciliation. Donne's dramatic life is reflected in the texts and everywhere in them you will find the passion, melodies and sounds”. Bjørnstad wrote <i>A passion for John Donne</i> for the Oslo International Church Festival in the winter of 2011/2012 and the premiere performance – documented here – was at the Sofienberg Kirke in Oslo in March 2012. The Oslo Chamber Choir is sensitively directed by Håkon Daniel Nystedt, and passion is personified in the unique performance of Håkon Kornstad, who makes his ECM debut, as both tenor saxophonist and classical tenor singer.</p> Jøkleba, Per Jørgensen, Jon Balke & AudunKleive - Outland <p>The Norwegian trio Jøkleba was formed in 1990, establishing itself as one of the most unpredictable groups on the Scandinavian scene. The present disc – the fifth Jøkleba album, but the first for ECM – finds old friends Jørgensen, Balke and Kleive working with pulse and colour and texture in collective music-making, emphasizing electronics, trumpet and voice, in freely created pieces which hint at relationships between inspiration and instability. Track titles make reference to writings by Sylvia Plath, Laura Restrepo, Sadegh Hedayat, Guy de Maupassant and Ken Kesey, in particular to their descriptions of the disintegration of identity, “the human mind when it gets lost”, as Jon Balke puts it. All three musicians have recorded prolifically for ECM in a wide variety of contexts, but the particular chemistry of Jøkleba is unique unto itself.</p> NilsØkland - Lumen Drones <i>Lumen Drones</i> is a fascinating and powerful collaboration between Hardanger fiddle master Nils Økland and Per Stainar Lie and Ørjan Haaland, respectively guitarist and drummer with Norwegian ‘post-rock’ group The Low Frequency In Stereo. The participants describe their project as a psychedelic drone band, but its stylistic reach is broad and evocative and will trigger many musical associations. Specific influences include the Doors, The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Durutti Column and “the jazz of the Dave Pike set”, but the Lumen Drones also rove through modal, ambient, multi-folk, minimal and noise zones, making exciting music all the way… Wesseltoft, Schwarz, Berglund - Trialogue <p>After releasing the very succesful DUO album 2011, Bugge and Henrik decided to expand into a Trio asking the great Dan Berglund, Sweden,E.S.T. to join. Laptop and Electronica from Elelctronic music genious Henrik Schwarz meets Bugges pianotouch and Dans raw accoustic bass energy. Check it out!</p> OlaKvernberg - The Mechanical Fair(24Bit) <p>I 2012 vant Ola Kvernberg den store musikerprisen under Kongsberg Jazzfestival og skrev da verket Mechanical Fair til "Takk for prisen" -konserten året etter. Med dette verket som utgangspunkt, har Kvernberg nå komponert helt nytt materiale og fullintegrasjon av TrondheimSolistene står sentralt. Musikken er dynamisk og ambisiøs, og den strekker seg etter referanser til både Stravinskys Vårofferet og Gyorgy Ligeti, såvel som Arvo Part og nålevende Johnny Greenwood.</p> Myung WhunChung - Myung Whun Chung, Piano <p>The ECM New Series debut of Myung Whun Chung features the widely-celebrated conductor as pianist. Recorded at Venice’s Teatro La Fenice, in July 2013, the album marks the first occasion that Chung has recorded solo. In a performer’s note, he describes the album as a gift for younger listeners, as well as a personal thanks to those who share his love of this music. Chung’s touch and sensitivity for dynamics cast a new light on familiar pieces – by Debussy, Chopin, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Schumann and Mozart – as they are experienced in a gently flowing sequence which also serves to highlight affinities between the compositions. Although conducting now fully occupies his professional life, Chung (born 1953 in Seoul) made his debut as pianist with the Seoul Philharmonic at the age of seven. He later studied the piano with Maria Curcio, the last and favourite pupil of Artur Schnabel. In 1974 he was a prize winner in the Tchaikovsky Competition. He then began his career playing piano trios with his sisters, Kyung Wha Chung and Myung Wha Chung.</p> PaulGiger - Schattenwelt <p>Recorded May 1992</p> Meredith MonkEnsemble - Monk: Atlas - An Opera in Three Parts <p>Recorded June 1992</p> Aurèle Nicolet, London Voices, Terry Edwards, Ensemble Modern & HeinzHolliger - Holliger: Scardanelli-Zyklus <p>Recorded September 1991</p> KeithJarrett - J. S. Bach: The French Suites, BWV 812-817 <p>Recorded September 1991</p> ParnassoQuartet - Ostendorf: String Quartet <p>Recorded December 1989</p> The HilliardEnsemble - Walter Frye <p>Recorded December 1991</p> Kim Kashkashian & KeithJarrett - J. S. Bach: 3 Sonaten für Viola da Gamba und Cembalo, BWV 1027-1029 <p>Recorded September 1991</p> Keith Jarrett, The Fairfield Orchestra & ThomasCrawford - Jarrett: Bridge of Light <p>Recorded March 1993</p> KeithJarrett - Handel: Suites for Keyboard <p>Having paid tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach in a sequence of New Series recordings of the Well-tempered Clavier, the Goldberg Variations and the French Suites, Keith Jarrett now turns his attention to Bach's near contemporary, Georg Friedrich Händel. The project, in fact, has been in preparation for a long time; Jarrett's liner note informs us that he first began to record Händel's keyboard suites some 20 years ago. The present recording is of particular interest for a number of reasons and not least because it is the first of his albums of baroque music to feature the piano - as opposed to harpsichord - since Book One of the Well-tempered Clavier was issued in 1988. Where, in his Bach recordings, Keith Jarrett has striven to obliterate his musical personality ("This music does not need my assistance"), he feels Händel's "basically unknown" solo keyboard music needs a measure of special pleading. And, though he has gone to "the least tampered with editions" of the suites in the interests of "correctness both musicological and musical", in making the case for their reassessment he permits himself some interpretive leeway in matters of tempi and phrasing. The result is an extremely attractive reading of seven of the Suites for Keyboard that can perhaps be more readily related - particularly in the adagio movements, where Jarrett takes full advantage of the lyrical warmth and textural richness of the material - to aspects of the pianist's improvised recordings than can his Bach interpretations. (Or, to put it another way, these pieces, in the right hands, retain the freshness of improvisation). "Händel was a keyboardist, " Jarrett notes, "and his keyboard works should occupy a higher position in our awareness than they do." Keith Jarrett's playing on this recording invites comparison with his interpretation of Dmitri Shostakovich's 24 Preludes and Fugues Op. 87 (a work that creates a bridge, via Bachian inspirational sources, from the baroque to the "modern"). Jarrett's Shostakovich prompted John Rockwell to declare, in the pages of the New York Times: "With this recording, Mr. Jarrett has finally staked an indisputable claim to distinction in the realm of classical music. Even in our multicultural, multistylistic age, it is extremely difficult to cross over from one field to another. Mr. Jarrett, having long since established himself in jazz, can now be called a classical pianist of the first rank."</p> Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra & TõnuKaljuste - Pärt: Te Deum <p>Recorded January 1993</p>